In Character. No Spitting for Dabura. Since he has Sayian DNA each time he heals he gets stronger. Nov 10, 2018 #1 Dabura. Cell wouldn’t even be needed. Frieza in Super is far stronger than any super saiyan 2, and when Golden Frieza, he could annihilate Buu with a couple death Beams. Depending on that will maybe change my answer So it is logically possible to assume that it had the same energy amount and capacity regardless when it exited the seal( this is a point in favor of Cell, at this time). Guardar cambios Previsualizar Cancelar. Horo... Nov 10, 2018 #2 @Majin Lu Can you move this thread to the Battledome subsection, mucho thanks . 1 Darth Nihilus B A D M A N. … Gohan gets promptly owned just as bad as majin vegeta did. Citar Más Historial; Hecho. Majin Buu in the Buu Arc never absorbed energy while sealed nor did it break the seal once. 0 a favor TheRod482. So Buu would injure Cell, badly and Cell would heal. Thread starter Bill Goldberg Fan; Start date Nov 10, 2018; Bill Goldberg Fan Well-Known Member. in Super, Cell and Frieza. In any other DB show, Majin Buu. Comic Vine; Forums; Battles; SSJ 2 Kid Gohan, Bojack, and Super Perfect Cell Vs Fat Buu, Majin Vegeta, and Evil Buu F.F. Fight to Death. Rules. Super Perfect Cell. Cell is fodder. Dabura Vs Super Perfect Cell. Battle Arena= Planet Namek. The energy was gathered specifically to break Majin Buu’s seal. By the time Buu figured out Cell gets more powerful each time he heals it would be too late. Is this post split or pre split majin buu? Oh this is important. so basically Buu would badly hurt cell 2 or 3 times, and cell would be powerful enough to kill Buu. Buu likes to play with his enemies before killing them, also Buu isn't very smart. Cell Super Perfecto : Majin Buu Gordo Cargando editor... Editado por TheRod482 18:30 27 jun 2019.
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